The IKF Photo Gallery Library

Welcome to the IKF Photo Gallery Library. IKF Karate has one of the largest image libraries among karate sites online, with over 6000 still photos in our library. There are still photos that are reserved for our students to view. They are housed in The IKF Exclusive Club. The photo gallery library is broke down and listed into 3 catagories: Instructor, Kyu Testing, and Non-Testing photos. The Non Testing Gallery consists of class photos, and other events not pertaining to testing.

Dojos And Schools

Black Belt Testing Gallery

Kyu Testing Gallery

Non-Testing Gallery


1987 National Championship Team.

1988 National Championship Team.

The Nichols Family.

Shihans DJ and Mike Nichols

Sensei Nichols and Shihan Mark Nichols during a demonstration.

Renchi-shins DJ and Mike Nichols during a testing session.